There are many pieces to the puzzle.  Claire Nicols wakes in an unfamiliar bedroom with memories of a brutal abduction.  These memories all have one thing in common, the man she just met, Anthony Rawlings.  With few options, Claire struggles for survival while enduring loss of control of her life.  She finds strength while coping and compartmentalizing her new existence.  Anthony’s calculated agenda faces unforeseen detours as he becomes captivated by Claire.  Their interaction is a journey through intrigue and passion.  Will preceding actions to result in justifiable Consequences?

Consequences is a very dramatic, complex story and is filled with many twists and turns.  In part a psychological thriller, Consequences is so much more.  This story will pull you and hold you captive until the end.  Even then this story will not let you go.  This book had the ability to get inside my head and has left me reeling.  Now that it is over, it is not over.  Every action has a consequence even if those actions are not our own.

This is a story filled with emotional turmoil, glitches and struggle for survival of circumstances that are difficult to fathom, but opens your mind to the struggle between survival and feelings of love, anger, fear, lust. 

Aleatha Romig expertly builds a world of brutality which is painted in your mind without being explicit and graphic.  The motivation behind the abuse is possibly far too twisted and complex and will leave you reeling, debating, sick and confused.  The writing is superb and will have you experiencing every emotion.  This story had me feeling the fear, abuse and made me understand the compartmentalizing and coping to survive.  This book will give you an inside feeling of being trapped, abused and confused between loving and hating someone.

The story made me feel sickened by wanting to like Anthony, while hating him and feeling the romantic thrills in the story.  At time, the suspense and climaxes of the book were nearly heart stopping. 

I can’t find fault with any part of the story or the writing.  Each chapter built on the other and I felt as if I were there as a character in the story.  Aleatha Romig’s writing was deliberate, seducing, captivating, enthralling without being explicit.  Her writing style was intelligent and told the story while building suspense and revealing motive.  Even with this style of writing the story was dark and continued to get worse. 

Ms. Romig has found a fan in me and as I wait for the next part of this story, my internal debate goes on as I continue to reflect on this story, the characters, motives and meanings. My need to recommend this book to everyone is consuming.  I suggest that you put this book at the top of your list and read it as soon as possible.  Get. Consequences. Now.

5 Stars