Disastrous is not your typical romance filled, happily-ever-after love story.  This story had depth with plenty of twists, angst, love and romance and a bit of mystery.  It had heart wrenching moments and suspense.

Mia is a brilliant Harvard law student who goes to work at the top, prestigious law firm in Boston.  She has had many losses in her life, but is managing quite well on her own.  She meets Marcus the rich, gorgeous, successful, young senior partner/owner at the law firm under less than professional circumstances and the roller coaster ride begins.  As they get to know each other you glimpse the mystery of Marcus and know that there is something else going on.

EL Montes did a great job with introducing us to these characters, the development their histories and current lives and the story-telling.  This book was attention-grabbin and kept my interest throughout.  The pace was good to build the suspense in the story.  Disastrous is a uniquely told love story which was so much more.  The way these characters are introduced and their stories told really immersed me into the story and I could almost see myself at the family dinner table as a very present observer.

I liked that was suspicious of Marcus until the end and only a very subtle part of the story made me know whether or not he is a good guy or a bad buy.  Marcus was swoon worthy, but he wasn’t unreal or over the top.  I would have liked to have had him work a little more at the beginning of the relationship instead it going fast from their first meeting, but it seems he had to put some effort in before the end.  However, this didn’t take anything away from the story.  I also liked Mia’s character and that she was a fairly strong woman who did not need to be taken care of.  She was able to fall apart and put herself back together.  The supporting cast in this book were no wallflowers either and I think there is more to be told about them, or at least they were interesting enough to want to know more about them.

Disastrous is the debut novel of EL Montes and what a debut!  I am glad that there is more to be told with this story and want it now!!  Montes demonstrates abundant talent and I look forward to being pulled and submersed into all the stories she writes.  Give it a try!  Buckle up and hang on for this ride.

Solid 4.5