I Love You, Always by Natalie Ward


Book Description

For years, Luke searched for the life that he always wanted to live, running from a past he desperately wanted to forget. He thought he’d found it, that he’d finally escaped everything that was suffocating him, and could breathe for the first time.

And then he met Ash.

Ash showed him that not only was there more to life than he ever imagined, but that love, true love, was the one thing he was still missing. And even in the face of unimaginable tragedy, their love could survive anything.

As dreams of a recording deal suddenly become a reality, the shadows of Luke’s past finally start to catch up with him, and the one person he’s been trying to escape will threaten not only his happiness, but everything he’s worked so hard to achieve. Luke will be forced to face the life he left behind and everything he’s been trying to forget.



Holy Shit…where to even begin!! Luke leaves me breathless. He breathes life into his words, I feel like I missed so many things in I Love You to Death but we get a completely different story through his words, his reactions, his actions. Luke and Asha’s love consumed me completely and that still doesn’t give their love I felt radiating through the pages justice. I could feel everything from their words: the pain, the hurt, the longing, the need, the want. These are powerful emotions to experience on any day, but to experience them through Natalie’s words and Luke’s voice blew me away as it was just as real. I missed Luke & Asha, so much and to get the rest of their story was bittersweet. I’m going to miss them, and I’ll long for more, always. The lyrics at the beginning of each Track produced chills on my skin and tears in my eyes. These amazing lyrics spoke to the soundtrack of the album but they also set the tone for the track to be read. My heart feels squeezed and branded for the lasting impact Luke & Asha’s stories have left on me. The simplicity of words are not so simple when the power and emotion behind them can move mountains and change ones life as Luke & Asha have done for one another. Tattoos, music, touch, a look it’s moving and forever, always. Leaving their mark, their brand and Natalie has made this for me with Luke & Asha. Thank you for your art, Natalie. It’s beautiful! Give this a try and continue your crush with Luke & Asha!! Rating: 5 Always, Beautiful Stars

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