Blue Roses by Mimi Strong
Blue Roses

Book Description

From the very funny and bestselling author Mimi Strong comes BLUE ROSES, a hilarious new story about a gruff motorbike repair shop owner trying to win the heart of a jaded florist. Tina has seen first-hand how Luca’s relationships end with him sending apology flowers. She’s worried she might be his next disaster.

BLUE ROSES is the first book in Mimi Strong’s BAKER STREET ROMANCE series, which is a collection of linked stories that may be read in any order.
***This is a short story which will be included in an anthology with other authors’ works due for release on April 1st, 2014.


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Tina has been grieving for a decade and is comfortable in her life. She runs a flower shop with her sister, where she meets Luca, the new bike shop owner in town. The flirting and banter between Tina & Luca is sweet and had me laughing out loud. I also found myself crying at times with the pain from her past and words shared between Tina & Luca. Luca is a sexy, sweet gentleman. I crushed on him from Tina’s description of his scent. This is the first installment in Mimi’s Baker Street Romance series. I hope we get Rory’s (Tina’s bff’s) story as her reactions to particular words are hard not to crack up about, which will make her story all that more interesting. I read Blue Roses in one sit trim and enjoyed it and there’s also no cliffhanger. Give this a try & find your Luca crush!! Rating: 4 stars

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