Laura’s Two Ice Cream Boys-Boxed Set by Mimi Strong

Book Description

Shawn is a smokin’ hot young man who works at an ice cream shop. He’s all shaggy brown hair, tanned muscles, and flirtation. He’s only twenty-one, and should be off limits to Laura, but his charm makes him tough to resist.

Zach is the CEO of a chain of ice cream stores. His eyes are pale blue, his touch is sensual, and he has a passion for pleasure. They meet walking their dogs, and he won’t stop chasing Laura.

How is Laura ever going to choose between her two ice cream boys?

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This series is a combination of three novellas that together make a complete novel.
1) Laura’s Solo Vacation: In this novella Laura enjoys her honeymoon solo after her ex, Lars leaves her at the altar. She meets Shawn at an ice cream shop during her vacation and the heat builds quickly. Shawn & Laura build a somewhat solid foundation in the time allowed to them during her stay. The find pleasure in various venues and their banter with one another was amusing. I didn’t want to see their time together end, so I’m hoping for more in the next novella.
2) Laura and Zach: This second novella I felt like we got to know Laura better as she was back in her home environment. We meet Zach, a CEO of a new ice cream shop in Ohio. They build a friendship through walking their dogs together. Thoughts turn heated and the sparks fly from there. Their connection felt more real compared to Laura’s fling with Shawn. They seen more compatible and at the same place in their lives. I’m continuing with Laura on her journey now to see how her situation pans out!
3) Laura’s New Life: This was the perfect wrap-up of Laura’s journey. She had run-ins with those from her past and was able to distinguish between what was real and forced. This was another hot & steamy novella. Laura’s good about adjusting and picking up the pieces when things fall apart. She’s impulsive at times but that made her journey that much more entertaining. Give this a try! Rating: 3.5 stars

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