token 4

The Token 4 by Marata Eros

Book Description

Faren doesn’t think her heart can break any further until Mick discovers her sullied secret in the worst way possible.

Faren picks up the shattered remnants of her emotions and moves forward with a desperate plan to win Mick back that doesn’t involve one penny of his billions. When Faren sees what remains of her life coming together with a synchronicity she can only dream of, the unexpected happens with Jay—and she must play a razor’s edge of deception once again.

Can she tie this final loose end and receive the money from that aborted last dance before the countdown of debt has expired? Will a dirty cop and the long arm of Ronnie Bunce conspire to ruin the fragile bond she’s created with Mick? Or will the concessions Faren’s made along the way shatter the dark joy she has been given ….

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Yes folks, she did it again!! This series just gets better and better!! With every word written, even web woven, secrets revealed, I’m undeniable addicted!! I’m so anxious for the rest of the series to end just so that I can curl up and reread them all in one sitting. Yet, on the same token (like my play on words there??) I NEVER want it to end!! The Token 4 has managed to conjure up even more emotions in me that I’m simply addicted. In TT3, Mick broke my heart and left me shattered and in an awful emotional state. In TT4, let me just say…oh how I love that man. WOW!!! And then there’s Thorn. In the beginning….I was not a fan…..at all, an now, the more I read, the more he’s grown on me in a strange, twisted , good sort of way. Another must read!!
~ 5 ~ Completely addictive ~ Stars!!

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