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Finding June by Caitlin Kerry

Book Description

Tell me your story June….

June thought she had it all. She soon found out how wrong she was. Her dreams of finding the good life were washed away when she was dumped on the sandy beaches of Mexico. Now back in Boise as an overeducated server, she doesn’t even know where to begin on fixing her life.

But one thing June does know is the new guy at work is one to stay away from. Reece Day catches June’s attention, even if she doesn’t want it. Reece has the uncanny ability to always get in the last word, to get under June’s skin, making her question what she really wants in life.

June quickly realizes that for the first time in her life, she finally has the chance to find herself.


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Here we have Just June’s story where she meets Reece Day along her journey of self-discovery. I connected with the characters but more importantly I connected with Reece’s soul-deep, meaningful words of wisdom for June about life and choices we make. June has her own wisdom and humor that I loved as well but how Reece was able to deliver these words to June in a powerful manner spoke to me as the reader and her receptiveness to these words spoke volumes about her character as well. Therefore, their ways of communication connected me with them. Something I would’ve liked to see differently is that while June is finding love she’s put other things aside and therefore I felt the book moved rather slowly. June is hesitant, second guesses herself and this has limited her in finding happiness. When I did begin to see progress and a moving forward motion it was around 80% and the book wrapped up pretty quickly from there. So by the time I got to the 80% I wanted it to slow down. Other areas I can relate with June are the importance of music in my life–PS the Ryan Adams version of Wonderwall is what I prefer as well; and your vision June of the bookstore with a stage, place where people can gather, have drinks/coffee holy shit I thought I was reading about myself because I have that exact vision. So on several levels (the music connections, words of wisdom connections, and bookstore connection) the novel and I were one!! I just wanted more at the end because it wrapped up quickly and the middle could’ve moved more quickly. June and Reece are breaths of fresh air and I deeply enjoyed them and to me that’s more important than the pace of the novel. There’s also no cliffhanger, although I’m hoping to get more of June and Reece because I’d love love love to see what she makes of her blank canvas space–and to see if she becomes “Just June Day”!! So give this a try and find your next crush! Rating: 4 stars


Words can be the most powerful thing in the world; they can raise you up, and take you down just as fast. That is such a true statement. Meet June, a girl who feels like she’s lost her way and has no idea what she wants to do with her life. She’s more concerned with pleasing everyone else, not herself, and along the way she’s lost herself. With no support from those closest to her, except for her always friend Jolene, June waits tables, has a college degree, and no set path for her life. Meet Reece……slowly, ever so slowly, he peels back June’s layers. June is drawn to Reece, as she says…like a moth to a flame, but she fights it. Reece wants to know June’s story and is persistent yet “relaxed” in his pursuit. “It only takes one encounter to change everything” and with that first encounter, Reece helps June find her way, find herself, and fall in love.
Finding June is a slow paced, minimal angst story that’s an enjoyable read. Reece, with his patience, his ideas, his life experiences, and his love for June…..Just June….and his want for June to be part of his story, will warm your heart. ~ 3.5 ~ Stars

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