Hold Me Together by Felice Fox

Book Description

After boot-stomping all night with every last Cameron man on the ranch, Holly can’t wait to get her honeymoon started with her new husband, Gavin. He’s her dream come true–smart, rugged and kinky as hell, but the very best part is marrying into his big family; a close-knit, loving clan who take care of each other. She’d never had that. Ever. “Do you take this man…?” was the easiest question Holly ever had to answer.

But when Gavin poses a new, unthinkable question on their wedding night, Holly must choose between the idealized happily-ever-after she’d always dreamed of and something much more than she ever knew she wanted– or needed. Yet her happiness isn’t the only thing put at risk by the unconventional arrangement she finds herself in, and when everything Gavin treasures is threatened, Holly must decide if she can give up the family she’d always wanted for the family that wants her… in every possible way.

Warning: This story may make you squirm like a little roped calf. It is a grit-your-teeth hot romance intended for an adult audience which includes questionable consent and issues of polyamory/open relationships.

Hold Me Together is a novella with a complete happily-ever-after ending and no cliffhanger. It is the first book in a series about the men of Cameron Ranch.



This is a story of Holly & Gavin’s “honeymoon” at his family’s ranch. This story should be read with an open-mind because being “shocked” by Gavin’s revelation to Holly on their wedding night was an understatement. I adored Gavin and Holly’s purity for love with one another, but I honestly didn’t know what to think about the “additions”. I felt that tier love was strong without all the side dishes. Although I could feel the love between Gavin and Holly, I felt I didn’t know Holly’s character. With this being a shorter novel, we don’t have the luxury of understanding and knowing about her past. We’re given glimpses, but not the full picture. This story is desire-filled to the brim, but for myself to feel a connection with the characters and their journey, I need more back story than what was given. Give this a try and find your next crush! Rating: 3 stars

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