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The Token 5 by Marata Eros

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Jay puts pressure on Faren for more than she’s willing to give. With the discovery of a deeper secret than she can keep to herself, Faren commits to lying no more. Though the goal of her mother’s debt has been absolved and is safe from transport, Faren struggles with concerns over her long term care. When Mick finds out the absolute truth, the dynamic of their relationship changes to include something she never expected to have: hope. On the cusp of a new reality, with more than just herself to be responsible for, Faren elicits Thorn’s help to take down the corruption that’s closing in around the tight group. How long can Faren and Thorn keep those at bay that wish to destroy the fragile happiness between Mick and Faren? Will blackmail be successful in ruining the one thing Faren’s decided she wants even more than her own life?

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I’m not even sure where to start. I’m devastated, crushed, heartbroken, angry, frustrated and yet I’m more in love with Mick now than before…even if he is acting like a complete ass. I am so caught up in this love affair that is Mick and Faren that while reading, my heartbeat accelerates, and I hold my breath in anticipation of what will happen next. A perfectly woven web that just keeps getting better.
~ Faren ~ “I could never have enough of what he gives me. I’m so greedy it feels like an addiction.” And what a beautiful addiction Mick is. I just can’t get enough. I want more.
Redemption is ours together. His for me, and mine for his. We’re each other’s catharsis.
~ Mick ~ “You can’t show me heaven, then toss me in hell Faren Mitchell. It doesn’t work that way.” Gah!!!! I swear that man ripped my heart out!! I couldn’t decide if I wanted to cry or scream……so I did both!! Oh how I would love to know what goes through that man’s mind, what he thinks, how he feels….(hint, hint Marata).
Another must read so addictive; it will leave you craving for more.
~ 5 ~ You showed me heaven, then tossed me into hell ~ Stars

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