Love, Lex (the Undergrad Years #1) by Avery Aster
love lex

Book Description

This summer, I’d planned to celebrate my eighteenth birthday in Europe with my fellow Manhattanites—Taddy Brill, Blake Morgan, and Vive Farnworth—until I caught my boyfriend screwing my mother. According to the police report, this vomit-inducing incident happened around the same time I’d supposedly blown-up my mother’s penthouse. Like I’m walking around Soho with a stick of dynamite in my Louis Vuitton purse—not! Now, my besties and I are in jail.

Officer Ford Gotti, the Harley-wheelin’ biker cop who arrested us, keeps sticking his perfectly-sculpted nose into my case. His inked body is jacked like a superhero, and he says I can trust him. He wants me to fess up. I won’t. Not again. Why should I? My friends and I had a previous stint in juvie that nearly destroyed us. I gotta protect them and keep my mouth shut. Right? —Lex Easton, women’s studies major, motorcycle enthusiast, and virgin.

The Undergrad Years is a New Adult contemporary miniseries about first loves, independence, and everlasting friendships.

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This bunch cracks me up!  They’re always up to something.  I’d missed Lex and her friends (Taddy, Vive, & Blake) and it was a nice peak into their younger years.  The shenanigans Lex and her friends get in to keep me intrigued as well as their banter with one another.  Let’s fantasies are hot as hell and when they come to life, they’re even hotter.  I can just picture Officer Gotti in his uniform, his sleeve tattoos and the drool on my chin is from nicotine gum, I swear!  This was a nice sneak peak but I was hoping for more.  I’ll just need to get more of my fix from Yours Truly, Taddy.  Give this a try! Rating: 3.5 stars

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