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Beautiful Oblivion (Maddox Brothers #1) by Jamie McGuire

The Beautiful Disaster and Walking Disaster phenomenon continues in the first heart-pounding new adult romance in The Maddox Brothers series.


Book Description

Fiercely independent Camille “Cami” Camlin gladly moved on from her childhood before it was over. She has held down a job since before she could drive, and moved into her own apartment after her freshman year of college. Now tending bar at The Red Door, Cami doesn’t have time for much else besides work and classes, until a trip to see her boyfriend is cancelled, leaving her with a first weekend off in almost a year.

Trenton Maddox was the king of Eastern State University, dating co-eds before he even graduated high school. His friends wanted to be him, and women wanted to tame him, but after a tragic accident turned his world upside down, Trenton leaves campus to come to grips with the crushing guilt.

Eighteen months later, Trenton is living at home with his widower father, and works full-time at a local tattoo parlor to help with the bills. Just when he thinks his life is returning to normal, he notices Cami sitting alone at a table at The Red.

As the baby sister of four rowdy brothers, Cami believes she’ll have no problem keeping her new friendship with Trenton Maddox strictly platonic. But when a Maddox boy falls in love, he loves forever—even if she is the only reason their already broken family could fall apart.

In the first installment of the Maddox Brothers books, readers can experience the rush of reading Beautiful Disaster for the first time, all over again.

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Kara’s review…

The Maddox Brothers are at it full force in this first of the series with Trent and Cami’s story. I had absolutely no idea all of this was going on during Travis & Abby’s story, so seeing it all come together makes absolute sense and was beautiful to witness. The secret Cami had to kept was always in the back of my mind, which had me cringing with fear of a blow up. Trent and Cami’s story was sensual and I appreciated that they built a friendship first with a “steady” foundation. Olive stole the show for me. I could easily imagine Trent caring for his own child and looking sexy with his tats doing so!! *cue mental images* I was hoping the story would delve deeper into their future as we see Trent follow through his bet with Cami in Beautiful Wedding. I’m anxious for the next Maddox Brothers release…too soon? I can’t get enough of these Maddox Brothers. They wear their hearts on their sleeves and fight with their fists to protect their hearts. They fight for what’s theirs and what they want…ever loyal!! Cami is independent, strong, and goes toe to toe with Trent in dishin back what he gives her. Their banter had me grinning like a fool. I wanted to also see more interaction between Cami and Abby, but knowing this is Trent and Cami’s story, the focus on them was fitting. Give this a try and feed your Maddox Brothers crush!! Rating: 4.5 stars

Karen’s review…

If you loved Beautiful Disaster don’t worry author Jamie McGuire delivers making the move to bring us the Maddox Brothers! I’m not sure how she does it but the author made me forget (a little) about the “other” Maddox brother we’ve met but it was great to see him make an appearance for his brother’s story and give us a little glimpse of some behind the scenes happening.
Beautiful Oblivion, in my opinion, can be read as a standalone. Fortunately this book is not just a different view of another, previously told, story. Camille and Trenton’s story is funny, endearing and sexy with a bit of a secret that will keep the reader guessing until the end. I have to admit I was knocked a bit out of my seat with the revelation. I waited and waited and thought that I missed it all the while waiting for it to blow up. Then, I didn’t see it coming, McGuire gives it to you –pow!!!!
Trent and Cami’s story was solid. Their connection and relationship built slowly, they teased and the friendship they had was beautiful. They have a great circle of friends that really rounded out their story. Olive and Trent’s interaction just melted me. I was a puddle of goo on the floor it was so cute and sweet. These characters entertained and captivated me. Cami is headstrong and stubborn. She is fierce and hardworking. She is capable of standing up to Trent and giving as good as she gets. She is exactly the type of girl for him. Cami seems to have a rough upbringing and we get a feel for it when we see her family, but we don’t get the full blown details. Trent is tough, loyal, charming, is full of swagger and sexiness. He is an endearing character and definitely stands on his own merit, but it doesn’t hurt that he has the Maddox genes. The author’s writing is superb and seamless and she effortlessly swept me away. Fans will adore this beautiful escape. Beautiful Oblivion will give you a Maddox sized hangover with no regrets!! Pick this up and get ready for your next Maddox crush. 4.5 Stars

Caryn’s Review…

“When a Maddox boy falls in love, he loves forever.” Ain’t that the truth? So true, you can feel it as you read, with every turn of the page, you fall deeper and deeper. Trenton is so incredibly easy to fall in love with. His persistence, the way he just keeps pushing, pushing, pushing in that sweet, sexy “Maddox way” is endearing, panty melting, and oh so swoon worthy.
~ Trenton ~ “But I am so f***ing in love with you Cami, I have been since we were kids. The first time I saw you on the playground, I knew what beauty was. The first time you ignored me was my first broken heart.” “You terrified me.” And like Cami, you ask “A Maddox boy afraid?” Hard to believe right? Those Maddox boys are afraid of nothing, fearless, and then……~ Trenton ~ “We’ve already lost the first woman we ever loved. The thought of going through that again scares the sh** out of us.” And that answer alone lets you know why they love with such a powerful intensity that will melt your soul.
Cami, gotta love her, does not want to be another notch on the Trenton Maddox bedpost, but Trenton is pretty hard to resist, even for the strongest of women. “Once he hopped inside Kody’s truck, my stomach sank. I was in trouble. Big, disastrous, Maddox trouble.”
In Beautiful Oblivion, you are taken on another fantastic journey so perfectly woven within Beautiful Disaster and Walking Disaster, a journey of a Maddox boy that you will again, easily fall in love with and an ending that will have you picking your jaw up off the floor! ~ 5 ~ Another Maddox boy to love ~ Stars

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Author Info

jamie mcguire

JAMIE McGUIRE is the New York Times bestselling author of A Beautiful Wedding, Red Hill, Walking Disaster, Beautiful Disaster, and The Providence trilogy. She and her husband, Jeff, live with their children just outside Enid, Oklahoma, with three dogs, six horses, and a cat named Rooster.

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