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Beautifully Done (Beautifully Awake, #2) by Riley Mackenzie

Release Date: July 16, 2014

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Book Description

Diagnosis: Borrowed time
Treatment: Trust
Prognosis: Beautifully Done

Asher Craig drives fast, flies high, and screws hard. But make no mistake, he’s a gentleman.

He learned way too young that we’re all on borrowed time. Fair or unfair, you only get one ride. He vows to live for the moment because it’s the only time he owns. The past is beyond his control and the future may not exist. With his only loyalties being his family, he thrives for that edge where plunging over is always in the realm of possibility.

When a beautiful familiar face tilts his axis, he re-examines everything and realizes that second chances are overrated and a lifetime of firsts are irreplaceable. In the end, it’s not her medical degree but his trust that needs to prove that the ride together is worth it … until it’s Beautifully Done.

***Author’s note*** Contains spoilers from Beautifully Awake. We highly recommend reading Chase and Lili’s story first. For readers 18+


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Beautifully Awake (Beautifully Awake, #1)

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Kara’s Review…

I loved Asher in BA and couldn’t wait to experience his play by play in BD. When Asher loves, he loves hard and always. He protects, cherishes, appreciates, shelters, and warms the hearts of all those he loves. Talia, Talia, Talia! YOU are the cream to Asher’s corn, the cheese to his macaroni, and the green to his beans. YOU complete each other. YOU are a beautiful, strong person that shares your strength and beauty with others. I was rendered speechless uncountable times throughout this second novel. My heart raced, my mouth hung open, and my eyes leaked. TACK-I can’t believe I forgot this detail from BA! The messages RM deliver in their novels are pure beauty that everyone needs to embrace, daily. The Epilogue–damn you! You tore me to shreds! I literally could not breathe! It was beautifully done (no joke) and I was an ugly mess, so that secures my devotion to BD and love for ACE and TP! The friendships and connections within this series are honest and good and real. They tell each other how it is, they get one another, and they don’t give up on one another. My thoughts are swimming in an overflowing bucket as I try to formulate a conclusion for my review. First thought, I didn’t want BD to end. Ever. I wanted more and as much as I loved the ending, I hated it even more. Because that’s what it was. The end. Second thought, who do I want to read about next…well I can’t give out names without giving a spoiler sooooo I’ll just say either a 4 lettered name or a 3 lettered name. Asher and Talia have a beautiful story! Beautifully Done, RM and I can’t wait for more!! Give this a try and find your next crush!! Rating: 4 stars
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Caryn’s Review

If you haven’t read Beautifully Awake, I suggest you do so before reading Beautifully Done so you can experience the flawless way Beautifully Done intertwines with Beautifully Awake. I’m not sure I have the words to give this book the justice it deserves….but here goes…….
Captivating, heart wrenching………beautiful
Asher is, by far, one of the most selfless, generous, beautiful inside and out, giving characters I’ve read. You will effortlessly and immediately fall in love with him…..I “pinky swear.”
Pinky swear ~ “Hey you” will melt your soul every time you read those words once you discover their true meaning.
Pinky swear ~ You will love Asher , his snarky wit, his lack of a filter, the ferocity with which he loves, his need to fix & take care of those that are most important to him, and he is loyal to a fault.
Pinky swear ~ You will have a new fondness for Hot Tamales candy
Pinky swear ~ Talia has always been and will always be “the Master of Pushing My Buttons. She rocked it back in the day and it was obvious she hadn’t lost her touch.” “The woman seemed to unleash emotions I never knew existed.”
Pinky swear ~ Asher ~ “We lived for the moment. I have ~ fortunately or unfortunately ~ never stopped. My motto, good or bad, was live everyday like it was your last. Because it could be.” True to his motto, that’s exactly how he lives throughout the pages of his story, you see life through his eyes, every heartbreaking, soul burning, laugh out loud, emotional, vulnerable, endearing moment.
Pinky swear ~ The connection, the love, the bond, the need between Asher and Talia is “raw, uncontrolled, and abandoned.” ~ Asher ~ “This…right here, right now…was pure bliss.” “You didn’t make love, love made you. Made us.”
Pinky swear ~ Asher ~ “You’ve tilted my axis and given me every first that matters, but more than anything, you make me want to hold on tight and live this crazy ride – with you. Only you. You crawled under my skin so long ago I can’t remember a time it wasn’t about you.” ~ Talia ~ “I love the …you. And all its reasons.”
Pinky swear ~ Beautifully Done is an amazing story about life, love, taking nothing for granted and living each moment to the fullest. So raw, so real, so passionate, so incredibly emotional, a journey so beautiful, you will get swept away.
Pinky swear ~ Beautifully Done is an absolute MUST read!
Pinky swear ~ tissues are a necessity for this beautifully told, beautifully written story. Fall in love with Asher as he tells his story and see how effortlessly he becomes your new Book Crush.
~ 5 ~ Pinky Swear ~ Stars
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About the Authors

Yep. That’s an “s.” There are two of us!
We’re East coast girls separated by Long Island Sound who met in Physician Assistant School and have been besties ever since. We can safely say that thirteen miles of water does not get in the way because we talk or text, no exaggeration, at least 150 times a day. No, really, we do—about everything and nothing. Shockingly, we never (we mean never) run out of things to say. Umm, ever. We definitely laugh A LOT and we’re a tad sarcastic. And if we’re being totally honest, one or two people might have, on occasion, used our names and ‘dramatic’ in the same sentence. But it’s hard to trust the sources since they married us.

It only took twelve years, two husbands, five kids, two dogs, and a two-week vacation in Cape Cod later to decide the romance world needed a splash of medicine. Write what you know.
So you can easily find us at 4 o’clock on Bank Street beach with a glass of cold Prosecco brainstorming. And guaranteed if we bump into you, literally, it’s only because our iPhones are glued to our hands (totally out of our control) either writing or editing our next novel (and yes, it is possible to do from your iPhone, we mastered it … damn those straight quotations).

When we are not working on our book or reading the latest angsty romance on our kindles, you basically name it and we have it going on. Soccer, lacrosse, golf, swimming, dance, gymnastics, football, chess, baseball, basketball, skiing, ice skating, school, homework, and more school.
Oh yeah, did we forget to mention our careers in medicine?

Needless to say, we realized fast that something had to go, so we opted for sleep. It’s completely overrated (yet so AMAZING) and delirium makes everything funnier. Good thing we share a brain and can pretty much complete each other’s sentences (definitely weird, we know).

So that’s our story, who we are … just add AUTHORS to the list!

Connect with Riley Mackenzie: Website | Facebook | Goodreads | Twitter

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We sat silent while he fetched my bottle. “So what about you?” She sounded a tad more relaxed.
“What about me?”
Her iPhone whistled with a new text. She tapped the power button, quickly blackening the screen, before she even had a chance to read the message. Clearly, I was not invited to eavesdrop. Thoughts of someone else’s sexting was a definite mood killer anyway. She dropped the phone in her bag and nailed me with her big cinnamon eyes.
“Sorry. Work.” Yeah right.
“No hidden ink? You all tatted up under this muscley situation you have going on?” She waved her hands up and down the length of my body. Somehow the tension from moments ago vanished and now the conversation was about me. Shit. How a woman could so brilliantly avoid a topic and complete a one-eighty boggled my mind. But I didn’t mind her acknowledging my body. That had to be a good sign, right?
“I pegged you for some completely over-the-top ink to your chicks all hot and bothered?”
I shook my head for more than one reason. “I don’t need any help from a tat for that.” I loved that she blushed and tried to play it off hiding behind her clear glass.
“Don’t blush, all you have to do is ask and you are more than welcome to check out,” I copied her hand motion down my front, “my situation.” I smirked and took a pull from my beer. Her attempt at a repulsed expression was hilarious. Hey, she started it.
“Hate you.”
“No you don’t.”
“True.” She smiled. It was just like old times.