Call it Fate by Elizabeth Wyke
Call It Fate - Elizabeth Wyke

Book Description

Discovering a long-kept secret…
Helped by a mysterious stranger…
Sometimes, fate takes you by surprise.

Locating a book in the campus library unexpectedly embarks college sophomore, Hannah McCurry, into a life-altering journey as she stumbles across something she never expected. A secret not only protected from the world at large, but essentially hidden, specifically, from her.

Joining Hannah, with a secret of his own, is the gloriously handsome librarian, Spencer Rush. Meeting him was fate. Trusting him was a choice. But falling for him was beyond her control.

Through her life-changing quest, doubts increase while truths of her past are unveiled. Two seemingly unrelated instruments become the keys to unlocking her future. A book. And a stranger.

Call it FATE. Call it INTENSE. Definitely call it HEAT.

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Elizabeth allowed me entrance into another world with her words. I was intrigued and entranced by the back story of the characters and couldn’t wait to find out what was headed their way. I was anxious for Hannah to get the answers she was longing for and the mysteriousness of it all had me turning page after page. I could feel the connection through the pages between Hannah and Rush and what they had was something beautiful. I was hoping for more heat and intensity between their interactions, so I felt CiF was lacking in this area. It also seemed to me that the storyline lulled in the middle and this made the novel seem drawn out while I was hoping for more dramatic, intense, and suspenseful scenes and experiences to take place. Overall this was a good read and there’s more to come in this series. Give this a try as find you next crush! Rating: 3 stars

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