I Won't Give Up

I Won’t Give Up On You by FL Jacob

Book Description

Sabrina’s dreams are slipping away in the wake of the shooting. She’s lost trying to cope with the new reality of her life. Can Caston help her see that the scars on the outside haven’t changed who she is on the inside?

Caston’s true past comes to light, bringing his present crashing down around him. In a life full of betrayal, how will Caston cope when the truth is revealed? Can Sabrina be the constant Caston needs to help him make the life changing decisions he needs to in order to move on?

When the web of lies is torn apart, who will be left standing? Will the right person take the fall?

Follow Caston and Sabrina through the aftermath and find out what happens when they each vow I Won’t Give Up on You.

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Kara’s Review

We get the continuation of Caston and Sabrina in this novel. It picks up right where Have I Told You left off in the hospital. My body and mind experienced a more emotional connection with Sabrina and Caston in this second installment. What I felt was missing in Have I Told You was made up for in this novel. We get more emotion and heart from Cas and Bre which made my deeper connection solid. Those out to cause them hurt and pain are back at it, bringing forth the angst that drives me in a book. We see all the connections from various POVs and it all comes to a head. We experience the emotional connection with Bre’s dancing, the pain and sorrow Bre and Cas endure regarding their parents, the hope for happier tomorrow’s. I also felt more connected with Beth and Sara during this installment-the light and fun they bring to their friendship with Sabrina. I Won’t Give Up On You is about hope, strength, and courage to battle through, which Sabrina and Caston’s story brought truth to this title. Give this a try and find your next crush! Rating: 4 stars

Caryn’s Review

There is no denying the love Caston and Sabrina feel for each other ~ that love was developed in Have I Told You (which I also enjoyed), and while this is a sweet story, with a few twists, a few surprises, and a couple of shady characters added to the mix, I can’t help but feel I was missing something. I think that something was simply…..more. It all just seemed to wrap up too quickly; attitudes of certain characters did a 180 in a matter of pages, surprises were just that…surprises. Not much background to how some surprises came to be. There were also a few parts of the storyline I would have liked a little more elaboration on.
Overall, an enjoyable read with strong characters and a swoon worthy leading man in Caston Black.
~ 3.5 ~ Stars

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