Tell Me a Secret by Ann Everett

Book Summary

Jace Sloan has it all. He’s smoking hot, a college football star with a storybook family, and he’s never met a woman he couldn’t charm. He’s also never met one who makes him want to be a better man…until he meets Maggie. Now, this self-proclaimed geek with wild red hair and the greenest eyes he’s ever seen has him thinking all kinds of crazy thoughts. Like settling down and being a one-woman man.

Maggie Fielding is anything but Jace’s type. For starters, her IQ is bigger than her chest size. But Jace is panty melting hot, and she’s having a hard time remembering that he’s bad news. If only she could stop telling him her secrets, because her answers to his questions just might have both of them falling in love for the first time.

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Caryn’s Review…

I want to tell you a secret…… Tell Me A Secret is a fantastic read!
Meet Jace Sloan ~ according to Maggie ~ “He looked as if he could take you to hell, and you’d enjoy the trip.” He’s your classic man whore, not many girls he hasn’t hooked up with, yet they all want to be “the one” to tame him, and he has no interest in settling down…let alone remembering the name of his latest conquest…….until Maggie that is.
Meet Maggie ~ you are going to LOVE her! Her need to Google everything, her journal writing, her rock collection as a 10 year old girl. Maggie has so many endearing qualities. My favorite is the fierceness in with which she loves.
Tell Me A Secret will take you on an incredible journey of friendship, bad decisions, sacrifices, and ultimately love. Well written with so many wonderful characters you will get swept away. Give this a try and you will definitely meet your next book crush in Jace.
4 ~ I’ll tell you a secret ~ Stars

Kara’s Review…

Maggie is a beautiful, organized, smart, redhead who has plans for her plans.  Jace is the college jock that Maggie described best as “he’s a piece of candy, all the girls want a piece of him.”  I was intrigued by their building friendship that started with tutoring sessions.  This buildup had me rooting for them because I fell in love with them as they fell in love with each other.  I felt left out of situations and between chapters and sometimes paragraphs, the story would jump through time.  Maggie wishes her childhood had been different and is longing for love, yet fearful of it at the same time.  Jace avoids it by not letting himself connect on a deeper level with anyone. . .until Maggie.  I laughed and cried while reading this novel and my fears of Jace’s actions “nearly” occurred.  Which leads to…Part Two of this novel was my favorite part.  I felt that Jace and Maggie’s hearts truly opened up in this part and when the ending came I sat for about five minutes trying to grasp that I’d just read the final sentence.  I was left wanting more, feeling okay, but unfulfilled.  The secrets. . .I wanted more.  So much was left unsaid, secrets still being kept.  I like the journey Ann took me on with Jace and Maggie, and although parts felt choppy I was still able to form a connection with the characters. I appreciated that we got history about Maggie and Jace, about their upbringings and sharing of traditions (or lack of) and the importance of these traditions to both of them.  Also the searching for answers was a healing step for Maggie that was empowering for her which I enjoyed observing.  I’m interested in reading more into their story, maybe they’ll be a second novel on another character?!  This was my first Ann Everett novel and I’m sure it won’t be my last.  Give this a try and find your next crush! Rating: 3.5 stars

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