Point of Submission by Remy Landon

Book Description

Cassandra Larsen is not the type to give in. But Carlo Leone is not the type to give up. The 27 year old CEO of a prominent industrial company, Carlo is rich. Powerful. And devastatingly handsome. Tragic events in his past have caused him to be guarded, to view women as playthings in a provocative game he and his colleague created. When Carlo meets 21 year old Cassandra at the horse stable he owns, he is instantly drawn to her beauty and feisty nature, but beneath her spunk, there is vulnerability and want. She will be a challenge–a perfect candidate for the contest.

Wary of relationships due to her rocky history, Cassandra is determined to resist Carlo’s smoldering eyes and maddening charm. Will she surrender? And will Carlo discover that this has become more than just a game–before it’s too late?

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Caryn’s Review

It’s been a while since I’ve been so conflicted about my feelings for the leading man. Throughout the entirety of Point of Submission, I kept changing my mind about Carlo. One minute I was so completely taken with him, smitten even, and just as quickly as I turned the page…….I wanted to punch him in the face, calling him an ass repeatedly, and even said to myself…and Carlo…karma is one big bitch….you better be careful buddy. Even now, while I patiently await book 2, I’m torn as to what I feel for Carlo. As I write this review, I’m not so sure I want him to have a happy ever after, yet there is a part of me that does. In a word….I’m…..conflicted.
Brockton/Brock…..grrrrrr….you’re a snake….and that’s me being nice. I say to you also…karma is a big bitch and I hope she has an extra serving ready for you in book 2.
Cassandra…..I want so many good things for you. Your strength, wit and willingness are just a few qualities that make you endearing. The way you’re drawn to Carlo….”It was the constant seesawing of emotions he always brought out in her: timid, then daring…perplexed, then captivated…insecure, then protected. He’d shake her up and let her settle, like the crystals inside a snow globe…and then he’d shake her up again.”
Point of Submission is well written, and even though it’s a cliffhanger, it’s the perfect book 1 and gives you just enough to not only leave you wondering what’s in store for Carlo and Cassandra, but will make you anxiously await book 2. Carlo is either going to become your next book crush, or if you’re conflicted like me, feel free to join me on “the fence” until the next book is released. ~ 4 ~ Is that an insult or a compliment ~ Stars

Kara’s Review

Our leading female character is Cassandra~an independent, hardworking, courageous, takes-no-shit or orders woman that works for our lead male, Carlo. Carlo is a CEO and an owner of a horse stable that is a dominant, gets-what-he-wants, powerful type of man. His blend between CEO and owner of a horse stable opens us up to see the two different sides to whom he is. . .the powerful day to day man and the sweet, tender man he holds close and doesn’t let many people in to see. My connection lies with Cassandra as I got more of her backstory to build a bond with her as well as her being more forthcoming with her thoughts and feelings in various experiences, where Carlo is more closed off and doesn’t share his fears and nightmares related to his past. We know Cassandra is protective of herself and why, and we also know Carlo plays this “game/project” to protect himself but we’re never clued in to the “why”. This made it extremely difficult for me to connect with him and to a point, not like him. Remy’s storyline and the hints to the mysteriousness of Carlo’s backstory and what he was wanting (and I could feel) needing of his “situation” with Cassandra had me deeply intrigued and kept me turning the pages. But being left with unanswered crucial questions regarding who Carlo is and why he makes the choices he does resulted in the lack of connection. I also thought the scenes which came at the end of the book would’ve been more fitting for the climax in the middle of the novel instead of leaving a major cliffhanger at the end. I’m a fan of cliffhangers when they’re placed in a timely manner as well as novels that keep me guessing and thinking, so it was all about the timing and placement of these events for me. When the sequel releases in the early fall, I’ll be reading to follow up with where this road takes Cassandra and Carlo because the story was catching and I’m hopeful for those answers that will cast light on the mystery that is Carlo. Give this a try and find your next book crush! Rating: 3 stars

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