Exiled by Jill Elaine Hughes

Book Description

21-year-old “outsider artist” Libby Barbary grew up in a wealthy Boston family, but her parents disowned her and she ran away when she refused to conform to their narrow expectations. Now she waits tables to survive, and her love life consists of a series of one-night stands. But all of that changes when she meets international tennis sensation Blake Bundy one day by chance. Blake introduces Libby to the world of BDSM, and things get steamy fast! Meanwhile, Libby goes to great lengths to hide her true past from Blake, and he just assumes she’s a poor, anonymous woman he can get busy with between the sheets while he hides from the paparazzi. But Blake has a mysterious past of his own — and soon both of their secret worlds will clash, threatening to destroy their new relationship before it even starts!

This hot New Adult romance features sexy young characters, bondage themes, and a taste of the intense pressures that come with wealth and fame.



Libby and Blake are from opposite backgrounds but their attraction starts quick and its full speed ahead on all the action. We’re given an outsiders view from both perspectives as we learn about their upbringings as well as their present day interactions. Libby and Blake are both struggling and suffering in their own ways, but have yet to open up to one another about these issues. I was hoping for more communication between Libby and Blake. Is the attraction there, absolutely. . . but they’re keeping secrets from one another and their “talks” are interrupted by their desires. The mysteriousness of how their stories will pan out has intrigued me as they both have much to lose if their pasts catch up to them. Exiled ends with a cliffhanger that has me hoping for answers in the next installment. I think this ended could’ve been more of the climax of the story instead of the ending, but I’m sure Jill’s building us up for something huge. Give this a try and find your next book crush! Rating: 3 stars

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