All of Me (Book 6) by Lisa Renee Jones

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From the moment I met him, I was forever changed. From the first look in his eyes, the first touch of his hand. His first demand for the control he needs, and I could not deny him. He has become my passion, my life, the missing part of my soul. He is the reason I am all I can be, not just some shadow of the possibilities. And together, we are the sum of all the broken pieces of our lives made whole again. Nothing will destroy us. Nothing, and no one, will keep us from the ultimate promise, to spend the rest of our lives living on the edge of absolutely everything and doing it together. I won’t let it.


We have arrived at the conclusion of the Inside Out series with All of Me. This is a fast-paced read but wraps up all that had me wondering along the way with Chris and Sara. We also find out that Ella will be getting her own series which is a relief because I have hundreds of unanswered questions regarding her whereabouts. Chris and Sara have come full circle…together. They are the answer to each other’s doubts. I’ve always said one should not become fully reliant on another, but how Chris and Sara portray this makes for a deeper connection and an all-consuming, healthy love. There were parts that seemed rushed and the Chris and Sara’s jumping from place to place had my mind focused on where they were yesterday compared to today instead of on the importance of what was occurring within the pages. Their ending is bittersweet as I feel complete and satisfied, yet hesitant and sad that this is goodbye. Give this a try and find your next book crush! Rating: 4 stars

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