Behind the Blindfold by Natalie Wrye

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A flash of green eyes, and then…he was gone.

Mysterious, secluded, powerful, seductive.

Mark Rich shows up in a gallery, and then at a party, and then in Saturday’s dreams.

Wealthy? Yes. Sexy? God, yes.

But who is he? Ostensibly, he appears to be a jack-of-all-trades – a multifaceted Renaissance man.

Her artistic heart will follow him to the depths of his realm, to a world of beauty, art and desire in which she so desperately wants entry.

But Mark has a dark secret…deeper than any shadow Saturday has ever encountered.

Blinded by a craving she has never known, will she find the strength to remove the mask and look past her heart into a reality that may shatter her?



So here’s my take on Behind the Blindfold…….
~ I would really like to see Saturday become stronger. Right now, to me, she seems so wishy-washy, to the point where I want to slap her. I love a – take no crap – sassy – feisty – fierce heroine. I think she wants to be like that and I hope, for her sake, she becomes that in the next book.
~ Mark ~ as much as he intrigues me, he frustrates me just as much. With his “And tonight, I’m going to have you…every drop of you. And you…you’ll have all of me. No more holding back. Just us. Just this.” Melts your heart right?? Then……………BAM…………Mr. Cold, secretive, I don’t like him very much, Mark appears. Makes me want to slap him too.
~ Axe ~ he makes an appearance, albeit brief, but just enough to make me curious and I definitely want to see how he fits into this mix.
~ The journal entries ~ I think that’s my favorite part(s) of this story so far.
A pretty good start overall. I’m hoping to develop a stronger connection to the characters in volume II and see where this story is headed. Give this a try and who knows……………maybe you’ll find your Book Crush in not only Mark, but Axe too!

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