Fade to Red by Willow Aster
fade to red

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Dancing in pop superstar Beckham Woods’ entourage was the last thing Roxie wanted. Her life with little Leo was blissfully ordinary; she didn’t have time for the drama that stirring up old memories would surely cause.

But when Roxie took a spot on an international tour with Woods and rock icon Ian Sterling, the lure of financial security and her passion for dance pulled her into an emotional storm that threatened to spin out of control and hurt the ones she loved most.

Just as she began to adjust to her new life, it became apparent that danger was in the shadows, waiting for a chance to move…


If you fell in love with Ian and Sparrow in True Love Story as I did, then you must read Fade to Red. I squealed upon finding out they’d be involved in Beckham and Roxie’s journey. Beckham has his weaknesses, as we all do. Making him real to me. He is real, right? He struggles, but has a helluva support system. Roxie is fierce, loyal, a tiger (or a cat with claws), and a fluidly poised dancer. She loves with her whole heart, but if you cross her…watch out! Willow has amped the suspense in this novel with a huge twist. You’ll question one’s sanity and want to seek vengeance. But not before questioning and analyzing who the culprit could be. Leo stole the show for me. His lisp melts my heart and each time I read his words…that’s right, they’re being read with a lisp. His overflowing abundance of life and joy. His feelings so pure. If you enjoy your love stories with twists and turns grab FtR. Willow’s characters and emotions fly from the pages and leave their mark. Give this a try and find your next book crush! Rating: 4.5 stars

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