About Us

Books have sparked a passion in us and reading has become our serious addiction and it is insatiable.

We love reading and we love being consumed by a good story and characters. We also love sharing our excitement for the books we love. Finding a book that touches us or connects us is an experience we want to have all the time.

When we give a review for a book, we are sharing our feelings about how the book connected us to the story. We look for certain characteristics in a book and if it excites us, we want to tell everyone about it!

Reading is our bliss and passion! We don’t just love books – we have serious book crushes! We hope you can find some new book crushes here too!

Enjoy! ~Karen xx

About Us

Karen – administrator & reviewer
Karen is a accounting/finance girl by day so she needs the escape from reality with books! She loves high angst, steamy, hot sex, intense books with interesting characters that make her scream, get sweaty and need a Xanax all in one! Karen loves to travel and you can often find her in an airport, on a plane or on a beach with a book!

Kara – reviewer
Kara has the most infectious laugh and she devours books. She honestly seems to be a reading machine! Reading is something she will do anytime, anywhere! If it has a lot of hot, smutty, sexiness mixed with some angst, count her in! Kara’s list of book crushes is long and growing.
If you ever get the chance ask Kara what a bidet is!! She’s hilarious and she is obsessed with all things books. Kara is the type of person that you will be friends with the moment you meet her! In her “day” job she is a mental health counselor and I’m sure she would love to get some characters in her office!

Caryn – reviewer
Crazy Caryn can truly be called a book whore 🙂 She’s a voracious reader and loves to be overwhelmed and consumed by her book crushes and loves a story full of hot sex, rawness, intensity, realness, and angst…almost to the point of obsession…so all you fabulous authors…bring it on!!! By day Crazy Caryn works in an office, but let’s face it, this is a cover for her really reading!! 🙂

3 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. Not sure where I’m suppose to leave my comment so I’ll leave it here: What’s on my Christmas list? For my kids continue to be happy and healthy ❤

  2. Thanks for the reviews and giveaways

  3. sdtaylorauthor said:

    Love the site and would like to gain information on review and giveaway. I’ve two more releases slated this year. Erotic romance western and paranormal.

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