Review Requests

Review Requests

We are always open to review requests, but we do have a ginormous, growing list of books on our reading list, so it may be some time before we could have an opportunity to review your book.  Although we do make reading requests a priority.
If you are happy to wait and wish to forward your book for review consideration, please email your review requests to  Include: book description and any pertinent information about the author, book etc!  Please also put REVIEW REQUEST in the subject line of the email!

Email to

*ARCs or digital copies (preferably in .mobi/Kindle format) are greatly appreciated but not required to be reviewed. If it’s something we want to read– we’ll read it!
*No compensation or payment of any form is received in exchange for an honest review
*While we do our best to read and review everything, we simply cannot get to every single one, but we will try to let you know when we can read and review your book.
*Reviews are posted to our blog, Amazon and Goodreads. 

We will review books on a first come, first read basis and try to let you know when your review will be published on this blog.

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